[[12.13.2012]] – The Leaders of Humanity are contacted by a small group of Fraal Diplomats and traders.
[[1.15.2013]] – Several Space vessels from the IGTA, IGAIP and several other factions enter [[Earth}} space and enter into negotiations with various planetary powers, foremost among them the United Nations. The Ki-Moon treaty codifies relations with these groups.
[[3.13.2013]] – Several Corporations and Governments trade for advanced technologies, interstellar flight foremost among them.
[[1.1.2014]] – Earth enters the IGAIP. Among the many different sections, it pledges to support the sovereignty of all member planets.
[[5.20.2015]] – —China, The United States and India all send colonies to various Sol planets to begin colonization of the system.

The Birth of Interstellar Humanity